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From food and games we dive straight into shipping and logistics in a reliable and efficient solution. We
can do it all!


A sub-service for PostaPlus. Track and pay for your shipments through a single app.

Carlo App

Carlo is Monaco’s entrepreneurs' contest winner. Implemented with a unique loyalty cashback methods and secure e-payments, Carlo allows the users to experience a comfortable payment process away from the hassle of credit-cards.


MTN’s promoters app is the newest addition to MTN’s ongoing sales project “Smart Commission” to help achieve the goal of garnering 1000 promoters. Designed to be used by both MTN staff and external promoters, the app provides an easy interface to organize, process and achieve.


Unipharma takes the initiative in marketing by bringing pharmacists closer to the company’s products, prices, offers, and availability through its unique Unipharma app. Equipped with a full e-catalog of the company’s products, a smart search function to find a drug’s details and availability, the app helps revolutionize the modern pharming industry