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Since its launch, BeeOrder has stood apart from other applications. It was the first countrywide phenomenon that sparked a revolution in the food industry. Containing a vast selection of meals, snacks, sweets, and drinks in every district of the city, it provides its users with a seamless service that ensures any order is delivered fresh and ready to serve. BeeOrder is dedicated to its users. Its customer service team works tirelessly to ensure the quality is only changing for the best.



The idea behind BeeOrder was to come up with a system that made ordering and obtaining food easier. The city stretches far and wide. Traffic jams, cost, and effort disheartened people from enjoying their favorite meals. BeeOrder was founded as a centralized service and delivery app that provided many benefits to consumers and food business owners.



  • Provide a dynamic list of restaurants, snacks, diners, bakeries, and more into one centralized app.
  • Provide accurate menus for meals and prices coupled with high-res photographs.
  • Punctual delivery time and cheap delivery cost.
  • Geographical-based service for minimum decline rate.
  • Active and highly trained customer care service to follow up with orders and complaints.
  • Loyalty points, discounts, and special offers.

Success can only be achieved with persistence and determination Co-founder

It started as an idea, and the idea became a reality. This reality changed the face of food delivery business as we know it. Co-founder



No app is challenge-free. We’ve gone back to the planning board multiple times as we brought BeeOrder to life. From changes in design, to changes in basic requirements, to change in operations. Here are a few of the obstacles we faced during development and how we overcame them:

UX Challenges

  • To create a simple interface that allows anyone to use and submit orders with ease and see all the related information

Tech Challenges

  • Creating a system that can track delivery drivers and customers
  • Creating a system that can communicate between the shop and the app
  • Creating a system that can predict accurate delivery times


UX Design


Mood Board

Many images went onto the mood board as the team planned and decided on the initial design, brand, logo, and colors until they reached the final live version that’s being used today. Out of that board, BeeOrder came to life.

Old app Design

The screen that has the problems in ux

BeeOrder has outgrown the design that had been used initially. It was time for a change. While the screen itself has nothing wrong, it doesn’t represent the complexity that BeeOrder had reached by now. That doesn’t mean the new design is aiming to be a complex myriad of design, no, it’s supposed to reflect the simplicity of the app, but in a more professional manner.


First Sketch

A maze of lines and boxes were the start. The hand drawn A3 paper was the starting point of the app’s low fidelity structure and it paved the way towards the high resolution version.

Final Sketch and wireframe

Hours of work finally translated into the final wireframe structure of the app. It was time to move on to the high fidelity stage.

Visual elements

The visual elements of the app were picked based on the brand’s identity. By using a BEE as a logo, we intended to deliver the message of a fast and hardworking service by associating the logo and the colors with the common idea of bees.

App Illustration





Main Button

Second Button





Radio box

First choise

Second choise

App bars: bottom





Text field


Add New Address

Current Location


Mezzah - western villas


Mezzah - western villas


Mezzah - western villas


Hello there,

We are the Bee Support Team and we are here to help :)

Please tell us what you need

I have been trying to place an order but I keep getting this message!


The brand identity, the colors, the logo, the fonts, and the general design, all done in harmony.


Tahiti Gold




Big Stone



Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz 1234567890 -+%&$#@* ] [ ) ( } {

SF Pro Display

SF Pro Display

SF Pro Display

Ux/Ui Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Zeplin




Home screen

The home screen is designed to display the restaurants, their online status, one of their top dishes, as well as the time it takes for an order to be ready. This way the user will be able to know how much they’d have to wait for their food to get to them. The user will also be able to view and browse through the offers BeeOrder has for each restaurant.


The offers allow the user to view the special events that are happening in any given restaurant. This feature enables the user to make the best out of their food ordering experience, as well as receive special discounts and meals through various restaurants.


The story section is posted by restaurants to promote their dishes. It’s a way of in-app marketing that’ll allow the users to take note of new places they didn’t try and new meals they’re yet to taste.

Tech challenges

Aside from the usual bugs in code, and the errors that face any coder, perhaps the most difficult challenge was coming up with a way that would ensure we’re able to run a seamless operation between the user, the restaurant, and the driver.

  • Another challenge was to implement a system that could track the drivers, calculate their routes, best cost, most effective way as well as come up with an accurate prediction for the time it would take the driver to arrive at the user’s doorstep.

Technology used

BeeOrder was designed with the perspective that simplicity is the greatest sophistication, out of that concept, we used the programming languages that can get the job done while maintaining a fairly simple structure.







Project Management

Sedra Abdulbaset

BackEnd developer

Samar Alkhatib

FullStack developer

Abdulrahman Kazkaz

Android developer

Basma Srour

iOS developer

Yahya Altabba


Heba Zatar

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