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Tradinos is a software development company that creates digital apps with a burning passion. We design, code, and develop. From Android, and iOS mobile applications, to interactive websites, we use a modern and creative approach that ensures successful programming and satisfied clients.

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Do you have
a Startup idea?

In Tradinos, we firmly believe that Startup projects will shape the world as more and more ideas are realized into million dollar innovations each year. We do our part by supporting the creative and helping bring innovations to life. Whether your Startup is only a theory or barely taking its first steps into the world of business, Tradinos offers you the best technological solutions to help it rival the stars.

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Do you have
a Business?

No business is too old to integrate with technology, especially not in a world that demands constant progress to keep up with its rapidly changing variables. Tradinos caters to digitizing needs and offers a variety of technological solutions to ease any business into the digital age. From updating outdated websites, maintaining mobile applications, all the way to creating unique software services and Android and iOS applications from scratch. We’ve got your back!

Tradinos We Transform ideas into a working Reality

Tradinos transforms
ideas into innovative

We create software solutions, applications, and services that cater to startup, small, medium, large, and enterprise business

Simple, interactive, and innovative

Tradinos Our Projects

Our Projects

Below is a selection of mobile applications, software solutions, and websites that
Tradinos has worked on and optimized for Android, iOS as well as desktop.

Tradinos Screen Shot BeeOrder


BeeOrder pioneered in the region as a food-on-demand mobile application. It changed the way people interacted with their meals, simplified the ordering process, and spurred a success story that rocked a nation.

Tradinos Screen Shot Wasilni


Wasilni is a digital car-on demand application available for Android and iOS. This service provides its users with the comfort of modern cars and the safety of well-trained drivers, all within a cost-effective solution.


A point of sale browser-based software for fast and secure business management that provides features for customers, reports, invoices, inventory and much more.

Tradinos Screen Shot LitePOS


A reliable solution for an enterprise business, PostaPlus specializes in shipping and logistics. A success story achieved by Tradinos.

Tradinos ٍ Screen Shot Posta Plus


Another enterprise solution for PostaPlus, a subservice that enhances the user-experience and offers prime shipping services.

Tradinos ٍ Screen Shot MyBox
Tradinos Screen Shot Carlo App

Carlo App

Carlo is a cashback app available for Android and iOS. It premiered in Monaco, and received first place in its entrepreneurs’ contest for the most ambitious and innovative startup. Carlo offers a system that supports local merchants and gives back to the community.

Tradinos Screen Shot Stylie


Stylie App is a Tradinos startup: an e-store designed for fashion and accessories. The users are able to browse through a slick user-interface and shop from a wide variety of local brands and collections that suit every taste.

Tradinos Screen Shot Hiro


Hiro is a digital health record application that organizes communication between doctors and patients and simplifies the record-keeping process in a way that collects every single piece of information as soon as it happens.

Tradinos Private Link MTN
Tradinos Screen Shot MTN


MTN’s Promoters is a privately sponsored app that Tradinos created on behalf of MTN mobile telecom. It connects resellers with the mother company, track their progress, as well as stay up-to-date with all offers and promotions MTN provides.

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Tradinos’ success spurs out of our dynamic ability to adapt and innovate against the various challenges we’re presented with. We value creativity and thinking outside the box. We believe in our team and its ability to face the hurdles. In Tradinos, we work for the future.

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